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Have you ever thought of how you’re able to remember names, things and faces? How about thinking about the way your memory works? Maybe you have but some of you have not thought about it all. How about this, picture how you’re able to recognize some information easily while the rest just wont sink in at all.

There are times when our memory won’t work on the right places when we need them to work. It is just downright frustrating. And yes, our memory lets us down for many instances in a year and we don’t even know why it happens. The truth is, our brain doesn’t have any problem in picking up and storing as many information as it can along the way. The problem comes in the retrieving part – when we need to take a thought from our mind and say it out loud or write it down for some purpose.

What we fail to do however, is to realize that for each memory we create, at the very moment our mind sinks the information in, we do not take the time to study what it is, or to observe its characteristics. We then blame our memory for failing us. The answer to this is to give our full attention to every little detail that comes our way or make that every bit of sight, sound, smell, texture and taste that we encounter. It works perfect since when we absorb the thought to our memory, we have all the details we need and in turn, when we retrieve the same information, we have the complete details. Problem solved? Almost.

In memorization, there are techniques which we can use to help us enhance our thinking skills. It’s also the ideal way how to exercise our minds in absorbing and memorizing information.

If you need to memorize numbers for example, try grouping them together to numbers you’re familiar with. Let’s say the numbers 7 1 0 3 8 4 5 6 2 4 need your immediate memorization. Group them together like this: 78014 365 24 where 78014 is a zip code in TX, 365 is the number of days in a year and 24 the number of hours in a day. Try a different sequence of numbers and clump them together. You’ll see how easy this works for you, and for everybody else.



How To Improve Your MemoryHow To Improve Your Memory Ebook


Memory failure, memory losses, memory impairment and other words for memory problems are all varied. But the root of the matter is that, there is only one cause to all of these memory issues and that is the fact that happens when we are not able to recall a certain thing, idea, name or event any longer.

When a person starts to feel that memory problems are occurring and starting to surface, it's time to take heed and get a general round-up check of which matters most in retaining good memory.

Usually, anything that doesn't appear interesting, bizarre or funny doesn't appeal to a person. When nothing appeals to a person's interest, nothing will ever be retained.

This boils down to the fact that when you don't pay any attention to anything that is presented to you, there is a very slim chance of retaining it. At some point, you may have lost the entire idea after several seconds it has been presented to you. What do you need to do to maintain a good memory in the first place? Just be sure that your full attention is functioning at its highest level. It is one of the simplest things to do to remember something, but often times, we fail to practice it.


Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

 Stages of Memory Formation. We look closely at how our brain forms the different types of memories that we will recall later on in our lifes.

 Ways in which we can improve our memory. Provides you with some simple ways in which you can improve your memory drastically....and it only takes a few small changes.

 Healthy Habits - Looks at ways of improving your health, and how having a good diet is curcial to improve your memory. What you eat really does affect what you remember!

 Using Association to Remember. In this chapter, we look more closely at how association in various different ways can help a person to improve their memory. This is the easiest, yet most effective, technique for improving memory...and we'll show you several different ways to make sure you find the right one for you.

And a lot more!

A lot of us are failed by our memory. Although it is not entirely a sign of ageing or brain deficiency, memory lapses can lead to severe memory gap or sometimes, even memory loss. The best way to keep our minds working even at the busiest times of the day is to remember things, items and important details that we need to attend to in the next coming days. This guide will help you improve your memory.


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Frequently Asked Questions!

Can memory be improved?

Our memory is a skill, and just like other skills, it can be improved with practice and healthy overall habits. You can start small. For example, pick a new challenging activity to learn, incorporate a few minutes of exercise into your day, maintain a sleep schedule, and eat a few more green vegetables, fish, and nuts.

What helps your memory improve?

Proven ways to protect memory include following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, not smoking, and keeping blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar in check. Living a mentally active life is important, too. Just as muscles grow stronger with use, mental exercise helps keep mental skills and memory in tone.

Which vitamin is good for memory?

Like vitamin D, vitamin B12 has so many mental benefits. Getting enough vitamin B12 may give you more energy, improve memory, and make learning new things easier. It also has been shown to help improve mood and lessen depressive symptoms.