How to Build Perfect Fences

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A fence is many things. It can be an effective way to keep unwanted individuals from trespassing on property, and at the same time, it can prevent small children and animals from moving outside the boundaries of a property. A fence can also be simply aesthetic, used as a way to increase property values by making a visual statement. When it comes time to select a type of fence, believe it or not, there is a lot to take into consideration.

My name is Blessing, I’m coming to you today to talk about my experience fences, the biggest problems with fences is no one ever realizes how much work goes into these small structures around your property. However, I have produced the best book on the market to teach you all about fences, why to get a fence, how to build a fence, hiring a professional etc.



How To Build Perfect FencesHow to Build Perfect Fences Ebook

My book is called FEN 101 ~ How to Build a Fence, I cover every aspect to fence building and throughout the book we target a shoestring budget. This is for those who don’t want to drop a couple thousand dollars on a simple fence. Come take a look at what is inside with me.

With my book you can learn about fence building in less then 20 minutes. How is this book valuable? The book is valuable because it will give you knowledge on saving money when it comes to building fences.

It will give you knowledge on fences, so if you do intend to hire a professional you will know what exactly they are doing, also it will give you an insight of cost value so you will know if they are charging to much. 


Inside the book I break up the topic of fences into many chapters,

 Chapter 1: Do I really need a fence?
 Chapter 2: Hire a Professional or Do It Yourself Job
 Chapter 3: What Type of Fence Should I Install (Fence Types)
 Chapter 4: Tools Needed to Get Started
 Chapter 5: Installing the Fence (The Specs)
 Chapter 6: Additional Good Books

These chapters were designed to give you an easy read away from all the engineer talk. Below I will briefly explain what is inside each chapter.

Do I really need a Fence?

Obviously, this would be your first question involving fence building. We go over legal requirements in fences, as well as affordable requirements for you.

Hire a Professional or Do it Yourself Job.

This is the next obvious question in fences. In this section of the book we go over why or why not to use professional installers, for there can be many problems involved. We also introduce time management, this is when you need a certain project done in a certain amount of time.

What type of Fence should I install?

This is my favorite chapter of the book, because you get to read all about the many different types of fences. Inside we show you how to choose the most elegant, but most affordable solutions.

Installing the Fence

In this chapter you will learn the how to of installing your own fence, we go over this entire in depth concept in many basic steps giving you the knowledge of an expert in absolutely no time. 

Additional Good Books

This section is where you can find out what other books there are on fence building, this is in the case that you want to learn more about a specific topic.


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Frequently Asked Questions!

Is it cheaper to make your own fencing?

One of the benefits of installing a fence by yourself is that you don't have to pay a company for the labor costs. This typically ends up being cheaper in the end, and one of the major reasons most people consider a DIY in the first place.

How do you build a fence that looks good on both sides?

You can achieve the same look on both sides of a wood fence by adding pickets to both sides of the fence or choose a shadowbox design that has alternating pickets on each side. picket fence. Also, not only is it more appealing to have the flat side facing outwards, it's also safer and more secure.

What is the cheapest option for fencing?

Chicken wire and hog wire with wooden supports are among the cheapest.