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Home Decorating and even holiday decorating are more a testament to our continuing affluence than anything.  Back in years gone by, our homes were considered places to stay and live, not as an extension of our own personalities.  Back then, homes were also built all as custom homes, that is, the age of the tract housing boom had not yet taken root.  Therefore, even if the older homes were not as lavishly decorated, they still maintained a level of distinction due to the custom building of that era.

Moving into the late 20th century, WW-2 had just ended and dropped a lot of young men and women back into the country with new found abilities to afford their own homes via the GI bill.  This huge demand caused the housing booms that resulted all cross the country.  The good thing was that these homes were inexpensive but the negative was that the tract home was born.  thousands of cookie cutter sameness soon dotted the land almost everywhere people were interested in living.  This in turn drove the need for some type of distinction to make the new homes somehow different and a statement of their new owners.  The age of home decorating had finally come to the working class. 

A home is cozier and more comfortable than any other place. We build our homes with the utmost care and sincerity. After all, it is a place where we spend most of our lives. Home decorating means a lot to the owner. It also demands hard work and devotion, as it is not an easy task. Decorating includes both the interior as well as exterior aspects.

Initially, home decorating started off simply as changing the paint or wallpaper but has led to a boom in furnishings, artwork, collectibles and even flooring materials.  Just the range of available flooring options is incredible.  You can choose from marble, granite tiles, bricks, slates, concrete, or steel. To add more color, suitable carpets can be spread. Rugs can be used to complement them.  So before, basic flooring was acceptable, in our quest for making our home truly ours, we have needed to remodel, rebuild, rework and otherwise redesign almost everything in our homes. 

Walls, pillars, and other standouts can be decorated using artifacts, paintings or wall hangings. Modern art is becoming a common choice.  And it's not just the living room, but every part of the home now gets the star treatment.  This includes, new rooms for babies, teens, young adults, toddlers and children. In the end, what we really want is to open the door after a hard days work and say....Home at Last!



Budget Home DecoratingGuide To Budget Home Decorating Ebook

Today, the most popular home decorating ideas fall in the modern style. After all, modern home interior decorating allows for the clearest spaces, which provide the simplest maintenance for homeowners who simply do not have the time to be cleaning up all the time.

Home interior decorating in this style is all about removing all signs of clutter and chaos. Instead, straight lines and organization provide a welcome replacement.

Creating a cohesive interior design for you home isn’t that hard if you know some of the basics. In fact, decorating your home so that all the various elements combine to create the look you’ve always wanted can be a lot of fun. 


Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

 7 Budget tips for your living room. In this chapter, we'll go over 7 key things you can do on the cheap that will completely transform your living room. In fact, 5 of these you may be able to do with things already in your house!

 The 11 low or no cost things you can do to redecorate your Dining Room. learn the outrageous tip that no one else will tell you to do because it "throws off symmetry"!

 Check out chapter 4 for hot tips on recreating your kitchen. Learn why handles and knobs are the perfect low cost transformation.

 6 Ways to completely redesign your bedroom...using no new furniture at all! Can you guess why you need old baskets in your room?

 And a lot more (including 4 more rooms you might want redesigned)!

Many people greatly enjoy the classic, sleek modern home decorating style for its tasteful simplicity. It permits the most openness and space for hosting parties, and the least time for cleaning and maintaining. If you are among these people, enjoy these home decorating tips, and carefully plan your design. Remember, since there is no room for additional clutter, you need to make your choices ahead of time, so that you can add the least amount possible, and create the largest impact.


2 Of The Main Benefits to Do-It-Yourself Home Redecorating:

1) Extremely Cost Effective

An interior decorator will charge tons of money just to TELL YOU what they think. It gets even more expensive if they are overseeing everything!

By doing it yourself, you have complete control over every facet of the project...including your budget. You can create things out of your old belongings, or decide to buy just small pieces of new furnishings. It's completely up to you!

2) You Will Have Created Something that ONLY You Can...and You'll be Much More Proud of it!

Sure, hiring someone else is easier, but it doesn't give much sense of accomplishment. Doing it yourself saves the money, it saves the hassle of dealing with a designer...but it also allows you to creatively express exactly what you want your room to look like. A designer will take your thoughts, and create what THEY THINK you want...

In order to help give a room a classier touch, some interior decorators have also used sculptures to bring in a mansion or even museum-like feel to a home.  This is particularly true for the interior decorating of living rooms, dens, home offices and hallways.  When many people consider sculptures as home decor, the thought comes to ancient Roman or Greek mythological characters like Apollo, Venus or Zeus. 

Others think about abstract contemporary fine art sculptures that are sometimes difficult to interpret.  Since there has been a trend in recent years towards a more natural look with more earthy color tones for interior decorating, Inuit art from the Canadian Arctic north can fit in nicely as part of home decor.  

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Is there an app for decorating your home?

Certainly one of the most popular home decor apps out there with over 1.4 million ratings, Wayfair allows users to shop, stylize, and visualize home decor all in the same place. The app also tracks the things you order so you know when they'll arrive.

What is the rule of three in decorating?

It is “The Rule of Three.” The rule, or guideline if you prefer, simply states that things arranged in odd numbers are more visually appealing to the human eye. Our brains just love odd numbers because they challenge us mentally. Groupings of items in odd numbers tend to look dynamic and more natural to us.

Is there a website where I can decorate my house?

The Houzz app is free on iOS and Android. To ensure that the furniture you plan to purchase fits in the room you'd like to decorate, it helps to create a floor plan.